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Don’t forget your website

There are many different ways that businesses can market their business these days. Such as traditional forms in the newspaper, radio and TV. There are also some not so traditional and kind of radical methods also being used like sky writing, fun days and also some fairly far out pranks, all to get the notice […]

Measuring Performance

The key to any business is spending less then the business earns. While in the short term it is possible to spend more then you earn in the short term with the future in mind, it quickly becomes apparent that it is not feasible in the long term. The primary way to ensure that the […]

Social Networking & Business

As you may have noticed i have both my Facebook and Myspace profile linked on the left hand side. Primarily i did this to link together my personal pages on the internet. I have found that both Facebook and Myspace have been fairly valuable to me in staying in touch with some of my friends […]