Internet Marketing, The Strange Issue.

I am sure that just about everyone has come across many different parts of internet marketing while moving about the internet. Most of it is just a variation or exactly the same as real world marketing. There is just one part that i have recently seen more and more commonly occurring, in so many parts of the internet, it is just starting to seem like a cheap ploy.

The primary issue isn’t that it may be straight out lies, however it just seems to come up so often from people that are supposed to be such experts at internet marketing. These people are supposed to know the in’s and out’s out internet marketing, have spent many hours selling products online, and yet almost every single time they launch a product their server crashes.

How can anyone seriously believe people that make a huge drama of building up to a major product launch, and then make the decision to dump their site on a server that is almost bound to crash because you can almost see the wording of the email within hours of the launch that says “Wow, there was such huge demand the server crashed and no one could get through, so we will extend the first day only bonuses for another day.  But hurry because we had so much demand we will stop selling forever tonight at midnight.” What makes this even less believable is when they couple it with the comment, that the server really did crash and they have no idea why.

To me at least it is the most transparent marketing ploy that can be used, and really makes you wonder just how much quality is behind the $200, $500, $2000 program that they are trying to sell from this server that crashed.  I do believe, in the marketing tactic of scarcity creates demand, however it really can be done a lot better.

The marketing lesson i think really comes down to Make a quality product, make it a truly limited offer, if you are going to just stop selling it at a certain time anyway, by saying only 100, 200, 500 will be sold and then market it to an audience that is likely to suit this offer, and then host the site to sell it on a server that can handle your expected order volume. There is benefits to this method, like no disappointed customers, unless they truly do come along after you have actually sold out. Or losing customers based on the thought that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes with crazy marketing tactics that make you look like a fool.

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