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Internet Marketing, The Strange Issue.

I am sure that just about everyone has come across many different parts of internet marketing while moving about the internet. Most of it is just a variation or exactly the same as real world marketing. There is just one part that i have recently seen more and more commonly occurring, in so many parts […]

Service Levels, not what is expected

There are very few business these days that enjoy the ability to offer poor service and still thrive. They are defiantly not the norm, but it does seem to be getting to a point where the number of these sort of businesses is growing. I find the most common characteristic of low quality of service […]

Is a new business really what i need…

Putting together the actual frame work of a new business idea that moves away from previous businesses is actually a lot more difficult then it would seem. Ever since starting this blog it has been my aim to look towards building a business that moves away from the technology sector, and into something completely new […]