Actually making the move.

Deciding to end one business to move on towards other opportunities, doesn’t sound overly difficult at first. It really starts to seem a whole lot more difficult as you start to think in terms of what new opportunity is going to be a good place to start.

The hardest thing surprisingly isn’t the actual making of the decision. When the turnover and profit levels of a business are dwindling even if there is still some profit there then it does become easier to make the decision. However in retrospect i believe that should the business have been more profitable then it was at this time that i may have had a considerably more difficult time in making my decision.

The business that i was operating was in the Information Technology area. Which is a notoriously difficult sector to successfully run a business. The competition is brutal, the profit margins are slim, and products become obsolete months if not weeks after they are released. This is what makes it even more remarkable from my perspective that i was able to operate in this market for over five years, remaining profitable from day one.

It shouldn’t be hard for anyone who has working in or near the Information Technology industry to know that to make money you have to constantly stay ahead of the industry news and offer not just the latest products but also Top Class service. Without the service you are just another IT company, which in general people and business are more then happy to change if they are perceive better value elsewhere.

To come to the primary point this is what i believe actually made my decision so much easier, the fact that i wouldn’t miss the demands of this industry. However moving on from this it gets more difficult, I find that i keep wanting to drift back to the industry at the same time as i am trying to get away from it. It is like every opportunity that i look at all i seem to be looking for is how i can integrate IT into that opportunity. Which maybe isnt a bad this as it has the potential to add a good base for a new business, however it also hits home when i think that maybe it is leaving me with blinders on as to the potential of ideas without the IT industry attempting to sneak in.

The potential of an industry that you know can so often be a blinder that it really becomes hard to see past it. It really comes down to looking at every opportunity independently of everything else and stopping yourself in adding extra dimensions to any idea until you have fully examined it for what it is.

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