An End is just a new beginning.

Really the title is maybe a little deceiving, i would rather maybe call an end multiple new beginning’s. This blog is just one of the new beginning’s that has come from my discontinuing of my first business venture.

My first business venture was not a complete failure and not a complete success. It did make a profit however, not quite the level of profit that i had hoped for and was getting to the point of even though i would make money on a sale it was probably not even at the same level as minimum wage if i was to get a job. For those that have been in this sort of position i am sure that you can see how it would a little disappointing to not be making enough to live on even though you are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

I had to some extent well prepared for this moment i had been working a casual job for the past 12 months, and had ample savings to support myself, although not really needed considering that i am still working a casual job. Although i am currently relying on the job for my income i don’t see this position as being a long term thing. Currently i have been in the position for about 15 months and looking forward i am looking to stay with the position for maybe another 18 months to 2 years at the outside.

Working for someone else is not where i want to be, after having the taste of working for myself that is exactly where i want to be heading, and that is one of the primary focuses of this blog is exploring new opportunities and businesses that will drive me towards my dream of a totally autonomous income. Where i am free to choose work or leisure without the need to consider the income being dependent on me showing up.

Contrary to what you may expect this isnt just going to be my personal journal of what i experience along the way, although that will be a part of it. The primary focus of this blog will be to share what i experience and share the results of different things that i experiment with along the way. In addition i will also being sharing some articles that i work on from time to time that will relate to a range of different business topics as well as personal development.

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