Month: February 2008

Business, Anywhere, Anytime!

I am writing this post today while sitting in a local coffee shop, although truth be told at this point that is where i write all my posts. However thanks to technology, i could be writing this post from anywhere, the beach, a park, on a train or anywhere i can get a 3G/GPRS mobile signal. Mobile technologies are moving towards being a lot cheaper and easier to access then ever before and it will become a massive revolution for business. No longer is there a need to be chained to a desk in an office if you want to stay in touch with clients and colleagues.  For me as a individual in business i love the idea of not being fixed to a single location to do business from, i can go to my clients and always have the ability to stay right on top of everything from email to phone calls. It becomes even more of a benefit for mobile sales people who traditionally, may have had to put in hours after work to update computer records, or couldn’t spend as much time seeing clients to maintain the records. Now with mobile broadband, can be done in minutes even while you are visiting your clients. The costs involved in making the moe to being fully portable are really coming down as well. My initial investment was around...

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Actually making the move.

Deciding to end one business to move on towards other opportunities, doesn’t sound overly difficult at first. It really starts to seem a whole lot more difficult as you start to think in terms of what new opportunity is going to be a good place to start. The hardest thing surprisingly isn’t the actual making of the decision. When the turnover and profit levels of a business are dwindling even if there is still some profit there then it does become easier to make the decision. However in retrospect i believe that should the business have been more profitable then it was at this time that i may have had a considerably more difficult time in making my decision. The business that i was operating was in the Information Technology area. Which is a notoriously difficult sector to successfully run a business. The competition is brutal, the profit margins are slim, and products become obsolete months if not weeks after they are released. This is what makes it even more remarkable from my perspective that i was able to operate in this market for over five years, remaining profitable from day one. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone who has working in or near the Information Technology industry to know that to make money you have to constantly stay ahead of the industry news and offer not just the...

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An End is just a new beginning.

Really the title is maybe a little deceiving, i would rather maybe call an end multiple new beginning’s. This blog is just one of the new beginning’s that has come from my discontinuing of my first business venture. My first business venture was not a complete failure and not a complete success. It did make a profit however, not quite the level of profit that i had hoped for and was getting to the point of even though i would make money on a sale it was probably not even at the same level as minimum wage if i was to get a job. For those that have been in this sort of position i am sure that you can see how it would a little disappointing to not be making enough to live on even though you are doing exactly what you want to be doing. I had to some extent well prepared for this moment i had been working a casual job for the past 12 months, and had ample savings to support myself, although not really needed considering that i am still working a casual job. Although i am currently relying on the job for my income i don’t see this position as being a long term thing. Currently i have been in the position for about 15 months and looking forward i am looking to...

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