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Business, Anywhere, Anytime!

I am writing this post today while sitting in a local coffee shop, although truth be told at this point that is where i write all my posts. However thanks to technology, i could be writing this post from anywhere, the beach, a park, on a train or anywhere i can get a 3G/GPRS mobile […]

Actually making the move.

Deciding to end one business to move on towards other opportunities, doesn’t sound overly difficult at first. It really starts to seem a whole lot more difficult as you start to think in terms of what new opportunity is going to be a good place to start. The hardest thing surprisingly isn’t the actual making […]

An End is just a new beginning.

Really the title is maybe a little deceiving, i would rather maybe call an end multiple new beginning’s. This blog is just one of the new beginning’s that has come from my discontinuing of my first business venture. My first business venture was not a complete failure and not a complete success. It did make […]